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Site Update
The Mata site is long overdue for an update... things have been so busy this last year that we never have time to update the content. Can't complain, but things have also changed a lot in the last 9 years since the site was originaly built. It has stood the test of time, and I will be looking at doing something just as strong next time.
Barcamp T-Shirt
The design of the 2007 Auckland barcamp T-Shirt has been completed! It is a spaghetti junction of technical and social circles that the attendees work in and how they overlap. A rather eclectic and chaotic design with a lot of structure and thought behind it... a bit like the internet really.

Barcamp T | View
Logo Design
The book 'Logo Design' by Taschen that I submitted a few designs to, way back when, has finally been published. I ordered a copy through Amazon and found that a few of the logos I have done were used which is cool. Also good to see the crew from Nerv, Seven and Periphery get in to represent NZ. It's a nice wee book, a selection of case studies on a variety of branding jobs, and then a mass index of logos of all types. A great resource for many I'm sure. Thanks to Julius for getting me involved, it's nice to leave a semi indelible mark, albeit small, here and there in the design world.
Well news has been slow but the work it does flow. Really thinking of updating the site sometime soon with a change in direction... yet to confirm where that direction will head... but... seeing as this design has lasted so well I'm thinking a refinement. Anyway, comments on the work of late. The year started off with a project for Genesis Energy's school project called Schoolgen. We designed the site to Egovernment standards, a bit of Flash and some supporting print work in PDF format ( Skinfood has had another strong year and is being sold all over the world which has meant a lot of multilingual packaging and other requirements. A number of new brands have also been created for a variety of clients. There's also been a steady stream of flyers for the lovely crew at Tag Promotions, specialising in the breaks genre. All in all it's been a busy year which is rounding off nicely.
Recent Projects
2006 has seen an increase in the work for Skinfood who are expanding in to a global market. A large number of foreign language promotion and packaging items have been produced recently. There have been some new clients and projects, of note... promotion for the New Zealand Police new North Shore Policing Centre, a web introduction for Grey Worldwide, print and web promotion for Mind Warriors, branding and web promotion for Daisies Early Care and Education Centre, a web portal for Cyberpimp, website and branding for IMTV, an updated website encompassing Entertainment NZ and Dreamtime brands due for launch soon... plus lots of flyers for the Lowpass and Electroliner crew...
Recent News
Where did it go? The year has just flown by... it's been busy, and we are now close to 500 jobs completed since incorporation. There's been some changes on the web front, with a push for web standards designs, bit of a learning curve due to the css dominant structure and inconsistent behaviour on browsers... harks back to the mid 90's with all the browsers and their different interpretations of how things should work. But, the benefits are obvious, much cleaner mark up, easy updates, global changes from a single file... the list goes on... I will have to clean up this site and remove all the tables, spacers... ahh, just need the time!
Equipped | View
After a very busy year, we've managed to get the office sorted with some new equipment that creates space and improves workflow. The interior of the office is almost finalised, we're getting there!
Photo Expedition
With a grey day, we headed off to photograph some grey parts of Newmarket. Andrew, Koreen and myself (Matt) all have a small selection to show from the day, please click the links below to view...

Andrew | View

Koreen | View

Matt | View
Folio Update
The folio has had a major refresh. Displaying work can be a bit of a struggle on the web. Some things work great for some things... and not for others. Any feedback is much appreciated, and more work will be added over the next wee while, enjoy :)
Recent News
It's been a while since the last news update, so there's a bit of a small archive below, and it's been a very busy time on all fronts. We raced through to 400 jobs in July, in a record time of 9 months. This amount of work nearly goes through in about 14 months. I have to thank Andrew of Calme and Koreen at IMM for their stella help in getting through the additional workload. This has made the move in to the office, with the Cactuslab boys a great success. Speaking of which, they have also been great to us with their technical nous and dry wit close at hand.
Skinfood Website Launch | View
The Skinfood website is finally on line after a long slog of illustration, design and Flash build. After initial visuals from two very different angles, we managed to merge the two, and create a truly New Zealand inspired website. This is of course the main branding element for Skinfood, natural and made in New Zealand. The project has been a labour of love, and a great opportunity to work on a project of this size with a fantastic client who gives us great freedoms. So thanks to Karen (Skinfood), Andrew (Calme) and Karl/Matt (Cactuslab) for helping to make the Skinfood site happen.
Lemonz | View A | View B
Twisting another creation, lemonz is a more simple affair. Taking advantage of the three dimensional aspect of the experiment, a single symbol is scaled to create a journey through space. Nice compositions can be created with a refresh, nice random action, enjoy :)
Splash Passion | View A | View B
There's a couple of new splash pages up. Firstly an orange squiggly affair adapted from Paul Neave's open source flash project. It's very graf-like, tasty too. And then on the neave tip, I have migrated my site to php so I can have my very own invaders score board. A few hours of niggling and it's all going. So, spot that new spacey down there, and nock me off the leaderboard already! Secondly, from the uber inspirational site, an iterative mathematical flash movie. Jared Tarbell's original, which I had seen ages ago, but was reminded of when I saw some giant squid footage, is quite a spooky underwater experience. I've twisted it somewhat, in to a pins and needles circular thing, click lots on it tho!!!!!! mmmm, nice, enjoy :)
The Big Move
The Mata office has moved to Newmarket. Phone numbers have changed: T +64 9 520 1818, F +64 9 520 1170 - but all else remains the same. We are sharing space with the Cactus Lab boys. This is a new phase for the company, and we would like to thank all those that have helped us all the way here :)
T-Shirt Designs
Submitted a couple of designs in to the online Threadless competition with mixed results (not cutesy or ironic enough for the masses). Check out Dripping Invader, and machineTime if your keen for a quick looksee.
New Face
Andrew of is helping out with some projects at mata, with particular focus on the large volume of IMM work currently active. Andrew has a strong portfolio of cutting edge design, and a great passion for the craft that will see him go far, welcome aboard :)
Hot Start
2005 has begun with a large amount of new projects. It's been a very busy time, clocking through close to 50 jobs in the last 4 months. There are some developments underway to expand in to new offices and having a new person on board to help, so stay tuned...
Recent Publications
Closing out last year, and starting this year, Mata was asked to contribute to two international publications. Firstly, Jerome Turner, writing for Computer Arts Projects Magazine, needed to source Auckland design community information for an article on design start-ups in overseas cities. The published article is in issue no 65, December 2004. Further to this, Mata has contributed some brand designs for the up coming 'Logo Now' book being published by Taschen which will be appearing some time in the future.
300 and Counting!
It's taken just over a year to move on up from 200 to 300 jobs since incorporation. This year has been full of highlights, including some landmark branding work for MAF for the See Contain Report campaign which was hugely successful in all respects, some great flyer designs for a variety of clients, some really nice boutique brand jobs, a rebranding for Skinfood and a fantastic variety of collateral to go with it, the mYsigns project is nearly at full release, and a large MAF Quarantine promotional project that is been great to work on and will close out the year well. Many thanks go out to my clients for their support this year, it's very much appreciated and now looking forward to the next year with much anticipation, thanks :) mata
Tracing Power! | View Image
Well, Mata now has a Planvariograph, made by R&A Rost, in the studio, very nice! A planvariograph is somewhat of an antiquity these days. Designed and used mainly for map making, this large reflective projection table with precise scaling ability is a rare gem indeed. Pre computer graphic design used similar devices for tracing and illustration, called an 'epidiascope', a tool mainly used for signage purposes, and customised by designers for the same effect as the planvariograph. So, what does all this mumbo jumbo mean? Well, it means that using the projected image, which is displayed on tracing paper or permatrace sitting on glass on the top of the table, images can be traced with pencil or pen, and the original image can be scaled up or down in size depending on your needs. This is great for illustrations, either of existing material, or refining draft versions of your own work. It is excellent for pencil visuals, something that is a real luxury to do these days. At the end of the day it brings a bit of the craft side of design back in to the studio which is all good.
The splash page has undergone a bit of a spruce up after a very busy time with work. Thanks go out to Neave for the space invaders game that has open source and free distribution. Check out his site for more games and funny goings on...
DJ Resource
The DJ pages are now live with just about all you need to know to catch up with mata behind the decks, so check it out... click the headphones on the nav bar below. Also, there is now a reload button on the nav bar so you can randomly, um, reload :)
Death of the Console... Update!
Following up on the story I wrote in my news column about the Game consoles, it seems now, well for quite some time really, that the 'confidence' that I noticed was so absent at launch, is now very strong across all major platforms, being PS2, Xbox, Gamecube and Gameboy Advance. Gamecube is rather shaky here in NZ tho. Xbox, despite it's ridiculously late release on to the New Zealand market, has got a very strong market share. This is probably largely due to the huge amount of games available, a platform that is finally on par with the PS2. Hardware prices are running at 20% of the original for PS2, and around 40% for Xbox. The amount of television and retail space that has sprouted in the last two years based on gaming is quite impressive to say the least, but it has also found a mainstream position that is so obviously commercial - as has the industry - and if this seems very obvious, it's just alien to the older... craft, it used to be - a bit like graphic design really!
Skinfood is a dynamic new unisex skin care range who has just come on board. This is an established brand that has been a little wayward, so some direction, cleaning up and quality control to the design side of business will help founder, Karen Murrel, push forward in what is becoming a truly international takeover. A great deal of interest from international press, with the likes of Surface, Arena and Magazines from as far afield as the UK & Asia. An exciting new project, look out for work appearing in the folio section under Skinfood...
Connect No More...
The GeorgeFM radio show is no more, the last show will be the 17th of June, 2004. The format is changing somewhat, and unfortunately the station is steering away from what made it so popular in the first place... so you'll be able to catch the sounds of Mata at Morrisson, Calibre, Blend, and other events around town, keep an ear close to the ground...
Secret Launch...
An interactive online tool that Mata has been creating front end design for will be launched shortly. This project has been hush hush, but rest assured when the cat's outa the bag, the work will be on display in the folio...
Best Design Awards
New Zealand's annual multi discipline design awards are coming soon... The deadline for entries is close at hand, the 11th of June...
'Connect' is the new name for mata's show on GeorgeFM. The last Night Riders show was last Friday, cheers to Darryl, the crew and the loyal listeners for all the support, and for some crazy times behind the decks and on the airways. Connect is a new timeslot, daytime Thursday, 2pm till 4pm, previously known as Thursday Pre-drive. It's going to be about the music, as always, but also the people who make it happen, regular guests, both local and international will be appearing on the show. There's sure to be some hijinks on the airwaves, so tune in to GeorgeFM, on the radio or internet and check it.
Happy Birthday
Kentaro Yamada, international design agent, damn fine party, fun had by all... :)
2004 New Year Underway...
Firstly thanks to all the clients for your support through the last year. 2004 has started off very busy with lots of new projects already. The website has undergone some changes and now has a full fledged folio system in place. This will make placing new work much easier, as well as being more descriptive. Populating the folio is underway and will grow in the coming months...
Bi-centenial job count!
Mata has reached the 200 mark in jobs through the door since incorporation. It's been busy as can be lately and Mata would like to thank all my clients for getting me to this stage. It's not been easy, and there has been many successes, good times, and some not so nice people along the way, but overall it's been hugely rewarding. Cheers, M@
Site update
There has been some small updates to the site, the links section now has descriptions. Rollover names have been added to the work examples, as well as a refresh of the content. The Protect New Zealand work now shows some photos in the examples, this highlights the scale of some of the projects. Central Station flyers now make an appearance, and I have added to the MIXAM flyers. Work is ploughing along, with notable mention to branding guidelines for PNZ, and a flyer for Danny Howells that's been fun to produce, soon to hit the street, and a whole lot of other projects also.
Winter Warmup
The George FM Winter Warmup is taking place this Saturday, 2nd of August. Sure to be a huge night, with 60 DJ's, a free party for all. Mata will be playing back to back with Darryl Milne, 3-5 at the Grand Circle, St James, see you there!
Night Riders
Mata has joined Darryl Milne for the new George FM show, night riders. Every Friday night, 10-12 pm, we will lay down technical treats for your ears, check it out on at Auckland 96.8 FM, Hamilton 107.3, Wellington & Christchurch 106.7 FM, Queenstown 93.6 FM, Sky Digital 104, or stream online at
Party formally known as...
Velvet is making a return in a small scale, Saturday July the 26th, 10pm to 4am, Cube 5 High St, City. Dj's are Brother Trav, Ferksta, Mata, Rob Knight, The Omen & Wai (Sax)
Death of the console?
With the gaming industry being such a huge market, how could this happen? For me personally, I have been playing games since about 1981, firstly on a Vic 20, and then upgraded to a Spectrum 48k in 1983, and at that time, gaming was a much more simple affair, on so many levels. I collect real arcade games, my latest console is a Nintendo 64, but I have no desire to buy a PS2, GameCube, Xbox or similar, the 'latest and greatest' machines no doubt, and I have asked myself why?. Why have there been so many failures within the industry, and why do the success stories seem to be on the whiskers edge of failure when the next gen arrives? The answer could be 'investment', for users, hardware and software companies the investment factor is increasing over time, is there an end in sight? Investment covers many areas, as a user, time is a major factor, will our pace of life allow for this? Development from a software point of view requires both time and revenue investment that is increasing at an exponential rate. Combine this with major companies choosing not to produce hardware, nervous product launches, discounted hardware, and console life expectancy shrinking, how will the remaining players evolve?
Nick Warren
The flyer for Nick Warren has hit the streets. The design was based around the new GU CD release, mixed by Nick Warren, and incorporates some the globe extrusion images I have recently collected, tasty design toys they are. Visual will be up for that in the MIX Flyers section soon. Mata will be Djing in the foyer for this event also at the civic on the 14th March.
ACCS site update
The re-skin of the front page of the Accord Customer Care Solutions website is now live. This new look brings the web presence of ACCS in line with the Good Connections newsletter, both of which are designed here at Mata. ACCS repair mobile phones, check the site for more info...
Welcome to 2003
The office is now fully open and a few projects on the go. It is sure to be an interesting year on the technology front, with the dot com crash well behind us, maybe in part leading to the plethora of free file sharing applications which became the major internet story in 2002 - so what will be a new tech direction on the horizon - maybe content security will begin to prevent peer to peer file sharing, is our privacy at risk if this happens? We'll be looking forward to some new developments in creative, that's for sure, as it has seemed to take a back seat of late. The website will be updated through January, so look out for some changes in the projects section under the alphabetical list bottom right.
Merry Christmas
Merry Christmas, thanks to everyone for a great year! It's been a long haul, and looking forward to a holiday as most of us are. Thank you to the clients who have supported Mata in 2002, it's been a very busy year, some of the more recent work will be going up on the website, which will be tidied up now that there's time to do such things! The office is open for comms throughout the holidays.
Velvet New Year
The Velvet flyer has hit the streets, and the party is coming soon... at the Civic, check the website for more information...
Next Saturday 16 of November, Dirty House Lovers is at WBC, be sure to check it out. For full details check out the fatfunk www site.
Velvet Summer Disco
The flyer for Velvet Summer Disco has hit the streets, and the party is happening on the 15th of November. The Funk Factory website has also been designed and is now being loaded with content, check it out for Velvet info.
Sessions report
A great turnout, loads of nice people, good music, all round a fantastic night considering the weather, and the number of other house events on that night. It was a great success, thanks to those that came, and you can look forward to the next Sessions on Saturday December the 7th.
Rally NZ
The office will be closed on Friday the 4th of October due to the Rally of New Zealand. Cellphone coverage could be off and on, so please leave a message if you need to get in contact.
Just finished the flyer for Sessions, this will be a new monthly event at MIX. Mata and Glenn Marsh will be hosting a whole range Dj's and musicians in the coming months. The concept for the flyer was based on the Velvet second birthday idea of audio equipment being part of the environment - quite a bit of Photoshop work and photography involved in this. Will be up for viewing soon...
Mata transportation
The office has been transported to the new address. Sorting through everything is now the task at hand, and setting it all up just so. This means that any visitors will need to confirm the new location. Phone numbers have changed also, these are T +64 9 815 9204 and F +64 9 815 9261. The transition has been fairly smooth, and the environment is a good improvement. S'all working out.
Site update
The letter categorized work on the site is being cleaned up and having sub nav's included. this will be a gradual process, but will bring a lot more consistency to the overall site, and a larger range of examples. The aim is to have a fully current portfolio - but it may take a wee while getting there...
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A new venture, for creative adventure. GemBugs are crazy little creatures forged in the depths of the earth. Looking like normal cut gems when on the earths surface, but alive deep inside the gem caves. It's a new world down there, and it will be online soon...
Velvet Couture
Tonight, Friday 23 August at Coast. Mata will be playing in the VIP members room, and be on the dancefloor through the night no doubt.
Moving soon
Mata will be moving soon, probably meaning a change of phone and fax numbers, as well as physical address. There will also be a small downtime as the office gets transported, internet connections get installed etc. This will be happening in the week of the 16th of September.
News up
The site is slowly growing, and the latest addition is this news page. A little area to profile bits and pieces that are related to Mata. The original concept for this site was to make it work with a very small amount of content, and then let it expand in three ways; content; navigation; composition. This is because a lot a sites are large in the first instance, taking a large time investment up front and also in maintenance - quite often not practical for a small business. So the design has been phased, as time is mostly consumed with client projects, and not internal ones!